Friday, July 23, 2010

Diary of the Road Warriors (July 2010)

America’s Favorite Epidemiologist and I traveled to Massachusetts on Friday July 16th and returned on Friday July 23rd. We spent the first four days in BoazLand giving the young gentleman some exposure to the wisdom of the ages, or at least the wisdom of the aged. Then, for the next four days, we ventured into other parts of the Commonwealth. We dined with Isola and Tom, Barbara and Dean, Molly and Don, Charlotte, Shelly and Richard, and Gerri and Burt, and saw Winter’s Bone, an excellent movie, and Jacoby & Pronk (not to be confused with Jacoby & Meyers) dancing at Jacob’s Pillow. By the way, the New York Times review of Jacoby & Pronk's performance concluded that it offered the “mind . . . nothing to retain but good looks and wow effects” which, at first, I thought was a review of the audience.
But, it wasn’t all fun and games for the Road Warriors. We explored the darkest corners of the Hadley Hampton Inn and, for the first time in this century, mapped the entire second floor of the Pittsfield Ramada Inn. We obviously did not shrink from challenges. Of course, this vagabond existence has its rewards and punishments. You get free HBO which is not free at home and, therefore, not at our home, but copies of USA Today appear at your front door unasked. However, without the weekend edition of USA Today (July 23-25) I would not know that the routine Americans “absolutely” cannot live without on vacation is praying (28%), shaving (22%), putting on makeup (18%), checking e-mail/smartphone (17%), exercising (12%), and reading newspaper (9%). Allow me in closing to explain my further decline into agnosticism. The Mets lost 7 of 8 games while I was on vacation praying like a son of a bitch.
Best bet – Another Fork in the Road, 1215 Route 199, Red Hook, NY, a couple of miles west of the Taconic Parkway; open for breakfast and lunch everyday, and dinner Friday and Saturday. Honest food.

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