Sunday, May 4, 2014

Not Too Smart

Monday, April 28, 2014
The headline today reads "‘Smart’ Firearm Draws Wrath of the Gun Lobby."
As I understand it, the gun nuts fear that the intelligence of their weapons might exceed the intelligence of their wielders.

I was fortunate to have lunch with Nancy Dubler, who is on jury duty this week. Besides being one of this country’s leading medical bioethicists, she is an excellent cook and consumer of fine food. We went to Dim Sum Go Go, 5 East Broadway, distinguished by the variety of shapes, colors, and contents of its buns and dumplings. We each had an assorted platter ($11.95), which provided a visual treat along with the good eats. This place was new to Nancy and she indicated that she will return even when not called upon to do her civic duty. On the way back, I identified a few other special joints for Nancy, since I am unavailable for lunch tomorrow. Selfishly, I hope that her tour of duty is extended.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014
I had to put my head inside the scooped out dinosaur egg this morning because my eye doctor found the last test results inconclusive. Today’s test results were clearer and more favorable, to me at least, if not to his Second Home on the Riviera Fund.

Lunch will be somewhat impromptu this afternoon because Linell H., my supervisor, is being honored at a reception at 1 PM. She is quite deserving of recognition for the quality of her work, leadership and guidance. She does not deserve, however, to have to put up with me on a regular basis.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014
What good news. Our New York team went down to Philadelphia last night and scored a convincing 6-1 victory. That was baseball, of course – the New York Mets over the Philadelphia Phillies. Meanwhile, in the hockey playoffs, the New York Rangers were crushed by the Philadelphia Flyers 5-2. For the uninitiated, 5-2 in hockey is a bigger loss than 6-1 in baseball. In any case, there are 136 games remaining in the regular baseball season, while tonight is the seventh and deciding game in this round of the hockey playoffs.

Nancy has returned home, dismissed after 2 days, the typical stay for prospective jurors in New York County who are not picked for a jury. That left me alone to make my way through the heavy rain to Wo Hop, 17 Mott Street, for chicken and beef chow fun ($7.75), so good that my bad hockey-induced mood lifted somewhat.

Thursday, May 1, 2014
Workers of the world, unite! That was the good old days, when that rallying cry actually made people take notice. Today, May Day, no one thinks of revolt or even uniting to dance around the May pole.

75 East Broadway sits under the Manhattan Bridge roadway. It is an open-air stall, offering Chinese food items rarely in short supply at the Palazzo di Gotthelf. However, if you look closely, an eating establishment sits behind it. The small, nameless space inside is crowded with low stools, tables and a counter running along two walls. Two women handle a collection of pots, pans, trays and cookers. I got three buns ($1), about 4 inches across, with a tasty meat center – whether pork or beef the two women could not decide, and hefty portion of mei fun ($1.25), cooked with some lettuce and egg. The noodles were hot and filling, though bland. 

Friday, May 2, 2014
Unlike the anonymity of the hole in the wall at 75 East Broadway, Nardelli's Grinder Shoppe, 540 Plank Road, Waterbury, CT, boldly advertises itself on billboards along I-84 between Danbury and Hartford, CT. That's how I learned about it, and have now visited on each of the last four trips to Massachusetts for grandchildren inspection.  It turns out that there are 9 Nardelli's in Connecticut, with more franchises still available, but I've only been to this location, about 100 yards from Exit 25 on the highway.  

Aside from Nardelli's calling hero sandwiches grinders, I can only commend them to hungry travelers about halfway between New York and Boston.  They offer a whole or half sandwich and, to give you perspective, I find the half sandwich more than adequate.  It measures about 5 inches long by 4 inches wide, the bread always fresh.  The menu lists about 18 cold sandwiches -- chicken salad, prosciutto, cheese, salami -- and about 20 hot sandwiches -- eggplant parmigiana,  garlic chicken, sausage & peppers -- ranging in price from a half at $4.59 to $8.95 a whole. 

So far, I've only had delicious chicken salad and roast beef sandwiches, with meatball parmigiana in my cross hairs for next time.  Every cold sandwich comes with mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato, diced marinated vegetables, provolone cheese, olives and hot sauce, unless you opt out.  On the other hand, you can opt in, at no extra charge, with oil & vinegar, salt, pepper, raw onion, honey mustard, cranberry mayonnaise, horseradish mayonnaise, mustard, oregano and/or pickles.  If enough is not enough, extra provolone, extra meat, bacon, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, sharp cheese and/or fresh mozzarella may be purchased, along with a stepladder to assist you in approaching your sandwich.  Some hot dishes, salads and sides are also available.  

Nardelli's was founded in 1922 and merits another 92 years, but don't wait that long.  

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