Friday, February 26, 2016

Three Time's A Charm

Monday, February 22, 2016
The Supreme Court has pursued the legal fiction that corporations are "persons," yet entitled to exercise political influence far outstripping the average person.  However, it's a rarified form of personhood that has privileges denied to ordinary persons, such as "inversion," a multinational form of tax dodging.   Read the following account of a human person's attempt to emulate a corporate person's tax strategy.  

"Yes, I curse in front of my kids."  The author has an entertaining and informative essay on a subject that concerns many loose-lipped parents and grandparents.  Warning -- She curses.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016
"How Jeb Bush Spent $130 Million Running for President With Nothing to Show for It"

Among the many fruitless expenditures was the hiring of "a public relations company in Bethesda, Md., specializing in 'thought leadership'”.  Maybe Jeb! should have turned to Bob Dylan for thought leadership, because a study shows that he is the most quoted songwriter in American legal opinions.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016
I have to back up a bit to explain why lunch for the Boyz Club at Joy Luck Palace, 98 Mott Street, was free.  The large, bright restaurant is open only a month and specializes in dim sum.  Last week, in the midst of Year of the Monkey New Year celebrations, Jon Silverberg, his sons and I tried to get in without success.  It seems that 5 jumbo jets from Hong Kong landed in front of the restaurant just before we arrived.  Today, as the rain fell for several hours and with the monkey busy at work, access was no problem.  

The food carts came frequently and their contents were of high quality, although the women drivers often had difficulty explaining what they offered.  Things were going fine until one of the Boyz went to the bathroom.  He is our most accomplished skier and has skied some of the world's finest slopes, usually with enjoyment and without any particular difficulty.  However, his slide down the steps to the restaurant's basement resulted in contusions and abrasions up and down his left arm.  In spite of the stairs' apparent non-slip surface, hand rails and good lighting, we had a wounded warrior.  On the other hand, he had finished eating, and the very concerned manager came over to us immediately and picked up the check.  So, there was some joy at Joy Luck.  

Thursday, February 25, 2016
Harvard University has just announced that the long-established title of House Master, used for residential advisors, is being abandoned, because of its suggested connection to slavery.  

Therefore, the Grandpa Alan Institute for the Advancement of Faux Indignation is announcing its prize for the most sensitive replacement for MasterCard.  Entrants may include appropriate evidence of their angst, however manifested or treated.  Promotional considerations provided by American Express.

Friday, February 26, 2016
Now that I am retired, my lunches are not constrained by time and place, so, I was happy to venture to Biang, 153 Second Avenue, with Amy C. and Stony Brook Steve. Biang is owned and operated by Jason Wang, the founder of Xi'an Famous Foods, a deservedly successful group of restaurants that started as a kiosk in Flushing and now has about a half-dozen locations in Manhattan and Queens. 

Biang is a "nicer" version of the Xi'ans, which are usually no larger than two telephone booths with tree stumps to sit on.  Biang actually had waiters and a bar, but the menu is very similar.  We shared Spicy Barbecued Beef Skewers ($6), Spicy & Sour Lamb Dumplings ($8.50), Spicy & Tingly Beef Biang-Biang Noodles ($9.75) and Concubine's Chicken Biang-Biang Noodles ($8.75). Biang-Biang noodles are wide hand-ripped noodles. Every dish was spicy, spicy-hot or spicy-very hot; fine by me.  A word of advice: None of their noodle dishes can be eaten neatly. Sloppy slurping is required to consume any of it.  

Sarah Huckabee, Mike’s daughter, joined DT's presidential campaign yesterday.  She said that "Mr. Trump is pro-life, pro-marriage, and will appoint conservatives to the courts.”   Actually, she repeated her announcement three times, once for Ivana, once for Marla and once for Melania.

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